Viva la Mama!


 Viva la mama! - Raven Blooms

Viva la Mama! - Ravens Blooms

For Raven Blooms, nothing is more important than her family. Especially Mama. Viva la Mama! is a new flower product with an edge. Keeping it real, it’s not everyday we do a flower. But when we do, she has to be a Mama! Viva la Mama! These brightly colored blooms look great in any vase, so send them to your mom for Mother’s Day. A heart felt ode to Mother Earth – this black rose will take your breath away.

This flower knows no bounds -- it has been spotted growing in the cracks of sidewalks, on city streets, in sand dunes, and even in forests. We are proud to bring you a flower made of 100% recycled tin cans. Our Viva La Mama flowers are blooming. They can be purchased at your local nurseries.