Summer is still here, and in Toronto the temperatures are still high and the sky blue. Summer gives us a cheerful and colorful vibe, so nothing better than tropical flowers for this moment.

 Tropical flowers are perfect for weddings during the summer, and for the bouquet of modern and cheerful brides.

The bouquet that will be taken to the altar is an accessory for the bride that complements the bridal look and carries joy, tradition and, above all, the personality of the person holding it.

The common species in the tropics are exotic, colorful, suitable for outdoor exposure, in warm to mild temperatures.

 If you are the type of bride who likes colorful bouquets, with different textures and shapes, this post will surely inspire you:

Tropical flower species

  • Anthurium

  • Bird of Paradise

  • Heliconia

  • Maraca Ginger

  • Bromeliad

  • Gloriosa

  • Hibiscus

  • Protea

  • Protea - High Gold (Leucospermum)

  • Monstera deliciosa leaves

How to Grow Bigger Leaves on Your Monstera Deliciosa - The Healthy  Houseplant

We hope this post has inspired you. Get in touch with us, we will create the perfect tropical flower bouquet for you!

August 20, 2021 — Julia Donato