It’s finally summer - the most colorful season! It's hot outside and it's beautiful: the streets are flowery, and your house deserves to be also. Brighten your summer days with colourful flower arrangements. Do you know which flowers bloom in summer? We list our favorites, take a look:

White Hellebore Flower

White Hellebore Flower
Blue Delphinium Flowers
Blue Delphinium
Pink Peony Flower
Pink Peony
White Astilbe Flowers
White Astilbe
Hemerocallis ‘Variegated Kwanso Flowers
Hemerocallis ‘Variegated Kwanso
Echinops Flowers
Craspedia Globosa (Billy Buttons) Flowers
Craspedia Globosa (Billy Buttons)

We hope you like our choices. Summer is a perfect season and flowers make everything better too, so call us and order for the most spectacular flower arrangement!





July 15, 2021 — Julia Donato